Our Purpose

We bring a lifetime of knowledge and first-hand experience to act as a guiding light through your journey of migration, empowering you on this transformational journey.

We keep you informed every step of the way, with a 99% success rate of helping migrants achieve their dreams of living and working in Australia and assisting employers to grow their businesses. It is our purpose to help both employers, and individuals, fulfil their potential on every level.

Our Philosophy

Happy people make for a happy world. We aim to brighten the future of migrants by aiding them in realising their dreams and supporting their potential in finding new opportunities.

We believe the sharing of cultures and the common goal of creating a happy, united world is achievable by breaking down the barriers of inequality and ensuring that through our unique values, our clients have the possibility to achieve their goals, employers and individuals alike.

In doing so, they are adding to a positive, creative and collective vision for Australia. It is our aim to make Australia a world leader in our quest for a brighter future for all. We live in an age of global mobility where skillsets gained in Australia can be used anywhere in the world and add to the colour and vibrant panorama that makes up our planet.


Our Story

Founded by Melanie Macfarlane in 2007, MMMigration has been committed to supporting and enabling migrants to gain permanent residence in Australia for over 10 years. Now operating from offices in ten cities across Australia, Colombia, Mexico and Chile, we’re continuing to unite our world through the power of positive migration experiences.

Our team of over 100 staff has first-hand experience of the migration process and the motivation and drive to make a difference in the lives of people wanting to live and work in Australia.  We are employers ourselves and know what it takes to create a thriving and successful business and as such want to assist other employers to do the same.  

Our founder, Melanie, a registered Migration Agent and Education Consultant, was inspired by the ability to empower people on their journey to create a new life for themselves in Australia. Her spirit and positive attitude is instilled in everything we do at MMMigration, along with her drive to challenge the way people traditionally think about migration.

Helping people to achieve their potential and contributing to the creation of a unified world is our priority. From students, individuals and families to small businesses and large-scale corporations, we’ve used our unique approach to migration to support more than five thousand clients over the years.

We pride ourselves on not only empowering our clients but also our own team.  It is our goal to ensure that each team member works towards fulfilling their potential in working together with us.  We aim to bring about a sense of belonging and encourage all those who work with us to contribute with ideas, energy and passion. As such our team work together in unity and through efficient processes to bring you the success that you deserve.  We ensure that there are always more than two pairs of eyes on every migration application and bring you peace of mind knowing that there is always support on hand whenever you need it. Being a team with more than one migration agent is essential to keep up with the ever changing complex immgration law these days.  

There are no challenges that our team aren’t ready to take on.

Our Values


No problem is too big or small for us take on. Our team is the best in the business and we do everything with a vibrant and positive attitude.


Our team is made up of migrants familiar with the challenges of relocation. Our desire to motivate and encourage you throughout your journey is second to none.


We live and breathe by the mantra of never giving up on your dreams. We act as the driving force by your side from the start of the process through to approval.


Our job is to shield you from the complex, lengthy and stressful process of immigration, while keeping you informed every step of the way.


Regular communication and the team’s in-depth knowledge and determination are your key factors in feeling empowered and excited about living the Aussie dream.


Our clear commitment to building a united and integrated Australia and fulfilling your migration goals will give you peace of mind as we guide you towards the best possible outcome.

Our Team

Yovanny Useche

Yovanny Useche Cruz

CEO and Founder

“My love for salsa dancing and music from my home country and my life in Australia perfectly represents the blend of culture and opportunity migration provides. It’s my goal to help set people up to achieve their goals and build a prosperous future.”

Melanie Mac Farlane

Melanie Macfarlane

CEO and Founder

“My biggest passion is to create platforms to open doors, break down barriers and to empower all those that I encounter on my journey to fulfil their potential and play their part in the construction of a better world.”

Catherine He

Catherine He

Senior Migration Agent

“At MMMigration, we always provide our clients with the best visa option. We maintain a 24-hour response time to ensure the highest level of service. Making our clients happy with our thorough visa services is our goal. Happy clients, happy agents!”

Paul Garufi

Paul Garufi

Chief Financial Officer

Paul is a qualified accountant with over 20 years of experience in providing strategic, project and operational leadership. He has worked with some of Australia’s largest businesses and his diverse career has seen him work with both start-ups and large-scale global companies.

Marina Curi

Marina Curi

Marketing Manager

Marina Moura has been passionate about creativity in all shapes and forms since her childhood. She has undertaken a number of Graphic Design short courses and in 2014 completed an Advanced Diploma of Communications at Sydney Tafe with focus in Design. Marina is currently working as a Marketing Manager for MMMigration and Veta Education.

Laura Vizza

Laura Vizza

Migration Agent

Laura is a Registered Migration Agent with over 6 years of experience. She has extensive experience with a wide variety of visas such as skilled visas, family/partner visas, Employer-sponsored visas and many more and has successfully assisted clients in migrating to Australia. Laura is also able to provide bilingual support in Italian and English to our overseas and local clients.

Raquel Aragao

Raquel Aragão

Migration Coordinator

Raquel is an experienced customer service representative with over 2 years experience in the migration and international education industry, Raquel combines her industry knowledge with her ability to help and understand our clients. Raquel has a background in Sales and Marketing.Customer Service

Why work with us:


Training and development for staff


Bonus Scheme


Travel opportunities with all our offices in Australia and Latin America


Work life balance

More benefits of working with us:

We have a great team environment…

• Opportunities to take part in immigration conferences and present webinars

• Market presence (eg advantage of being linked to VETA and all those Latin American student clients)

• Business that is growing and is global

• Higher aspirations that we have ie Happy people Happy world – creating an atmosphere of hope and optimism for our team and our clients

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